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A SIGNUL being configured for pre-scan in the chamber.


Today was FCC pre-scan day! For people not familiar with the process, it is required for FCC and CE marks (common on all radio transmission devices) to ensure things like:

  • Acceptable power levels – radio transmitters in different frequencies are governed to transmit at specified maximum power levels. The scan checks to make sure that you are not exceeding an acceptable level.
  • New Neck Directions Raglan Top Smock free shipping with paypal collections for sale F4VvK Frequency calibration – ensures that you are transmitting only in the bands that you have specified (Bluetooth LE is in the 2.4ghz band) and not on different frequencies or harmonics.

We’re pleased to announce that SIGNUL passed it’s pre-scan and is headed into a full test cycle for FCC and CE certification. This is another great step forward in our production pipeline!



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